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Acting Director: Jennifer S. Gutowski

Anthony M. OConnell - BA  UVA,  MBA  UMASS,  MA  SUNY

There are many wonderful people in the VA. It is sad to see them placed in corrupt management. Can anyone get Dr. Marjorie Ford, #S008480, marjorie.ford@va.gov (blocked), Head of the Anti-coagulation Clinic(?), to explain this?  doctor-quits1p (pdf)

Why is no attempt made to expose the fradulent connection between the Phoenix VA in Arizona, and the Fairfax County Court and the Highland County Court, in Virginia? There is no other way to get to the truth. Please expose the evidence and then judge.

May 10 - 11

Phoenix VA, Arizona

On May 10, 2012, the Phoenix VA in Arizona notifies me that my application for the VA poverty pension is virtually buried in ambiguity and confusion. This pension is for veterans who live below the poverty line. It brings their income up to the poverty line.

Why did the Phoenix VA wait until May 10, 2012, to mention for the first time, a document they identify as ". . your typed statement on February 7, 2012,. .", which they apparently received, on or shortly, after February 7, 2012?  Why is this February 7 document made to appear as if I created it or that it represents my intent?  Why can't I see this document?  Why can't I get a copy?  Why can't I get the Power of Attorney I gave the VA and the AZDVS (Arizona Department of Veterans Services) out of their records? Why the impenetrable secrecy? The VA is not supposed to frame the veteran.

On May 11, 2012, the Fairfax County Court in Virginia, through their law firm, sent me a $27,669.42 lien notice for back taxes for a property in Fairfax County. But the notice was sent to Highland County and made to appear as if it were against my assets in two banks. I had no assets in either bank. The only property I own in Highland County is my farm. This lien takes covert control of my farm.

Both May 10 and May 11 are surprises.  Both disempower me financially.  Both are illegal in ways too numerous to mention. Both frame me. Both are from sources that hold themselves above the law. The most obvious wrongs are invisible.

Both are so insulated that not one member of the establishment, not one, in Arizona or Virginia, barring a miracle, will try to expose the document trails and the accounting trails and enforce the law. This makes my request for sunshine and justice appear frivolous. This is why people don't trust government.

Above; update:
On June 30, 2016, at the Tucson AZDVS (Arizona Department of Veterans Services), I revoked the Power of Attorney I had given them. .
On July 8, 2016, at the Tucson AZDVS, I got a copy of the document referred to above as "We have received your typed statement on February 7, 2016 stating that you wish to withdraw your claim for *skin cancer.".
On July 8(?), 2016, at the Tucson AZDVS, I started a claim for PTSD because Ugo Punten at the Tucson Vet Center told me to. I was surprised that AZDVS was surprised that I was asking them to help me after I had revoked the Power of Attorney. Does AZDVS, in practice, really not help veterans unless the veteran gives them a Power of Attorney?

The only property I own in Highland County, Virginia, is my farm. This covert lien puts a lock on it. It obstructs me from selling it. This lien is against the law in ways too numerous to mention. It is insulated beyond imagination. Not one person in Highland County or Fairfax County has tried to expose the lien trail. Not one. Try to expose it and see what happens. Concealment is against the law. Why doesn't the law apply here?

Highland County, Virginia

The May 11 takes covert control of my farm in Highland County. The only way I can begin to free my farm is to find a just power who would expose the lien trail(s). The Highland County Commissioner of Revenue Darlene Crummett <darlene.crummett@highlandcounty.gov> and the Highland County Commonwealth Attorney Melissa Ann Dowd <madlaw@htc.net> should be able to show the lien trails but my emails to them bounced. They didn't used to.

The last time I talked with the Clerk of the Court, Lois Ralston <lralston@courts.state.va.us> , was in her office. She disappearred without saying why, and then the Sheriff appeared.

Fairfax County, Virginia

Director Greenlief's automated response to my emails appears below:

"Automated Response to Repeated Inquiry Concerning Cancelled (no longer in force) Bank Lien for previously delinquent "real estate taxes on Fairfax County Parcel, #090--4-01-0017
1 message
Greenlief, Kevin C. <Kevin.Greenlief@fairfaxcounty.gov>
Mon, May 9, 2016 at 3:36 PM
To: Anthony OConnell <anthonymineroconnell@gmail.com>
Dear Mr. O’Connell,
As you know, I previously answered your question multiple times.  There is no entanglement. There is no secrecy. The bank lien was only for delinquent real estate taxes on the parcel in Fairfax County (15 acres located in Fairfax County at tax map # 090-4-01-0017). The bank lien was released long ago. The delinquent taxes were paid prior to 2014. This issue is closed. The Fairfax County property is currently under the jurisdiction of the Fairfax County Circuit Court. This issue has nothing to do with any property outside of Fairfax County. No further communication is warranted in this matter.
Kevin C. Greenlief, Director
Department of Tax Administration"

Questions for Director Greenlief

(1) Why did you not recognize the 1992 Deed for Accotink (15 acres located in Fairfax County at tax map # 090-4-01-0017), or say why it should not be recognized? This rendered me, as Trustee for Accotink, powerless. It blocked me from selling Accotink and forced me to pay the real estate taxes until I ran out of money.  book8307page1446deed.com

This deed has been in the Court records since 1992. I could not get anyone in the Court to recognize it or say why it should not be recognized. I tried for 23 years. There is nothing wrong with this deed except those in control decided not to recognize it, but not actually say they don't recognize it.

(2) Why did you not allow Accotink to be sold at a public tax sale? This is the usual and customary procedure. If this were done, I, as Trustee, would have received the proceeds, distributed the proceeds to the three beneficiaries, and closed the Trust. And our family would not have been beaten up any more over Accotink.

(3) Why was Accotink, using our trusting fear driven sister Jean Nader, illegal taken over by the Court instead? Why was my farm in Highland County, using a fradulent lien, taken over by the Court instead?

(4) Do you not recognize that the lien for back taxes on Accotink in Fairfax County, was sent to Highland County?

The Blue Grass Valley Bank (May 11, 2012)
Attn: Lien Department
Legal Order Processing
PO Box 6
Blue Grass, VA 24413 (This is in Highland County, Virginia)
Re: Anthony M. OConnell TR, 439 South Vista Del Rio Green Valley, AZ 85614
Balance Due $27,669.42

First and Citizens Bank (July 26, 2012)
Attn: Lien Department
Legal Order Processing
195 W Main Street
Monterey, VA 24465 (This is in Highland County, Virginia)
Re: Anthony M. OConnell TR, 439 South Vista Del Rio Green Valley, AZ 85614
Balance Due $27,718.72

I had no account in either bank. The only property I own in Highland County is my farm. I believe these two pretend placements are temporary diversions. As you can see from July 26, 2012, those in control of the lien have no problem transferring it. Concealment is against the law. But the landowner does not have the power to enforce the law.

(5) Why do you not recognize that the Trust documents state that the Trustee, Anthony OConnell, is not individually liable?

(6) Why do you not recognize that the three beneficiaries of the Trust are to share the real estate taxes?

(7) How did you calculate the lien amount of $27,669.42? And that I owe it? When I should be reimbursed $127,290.17 for paying the other beneficiaries share of the real estate taxes? (As of November 6, 2010)

Follow the trails.

I don't understand why the continued VA secrecy is tolerated. VA secrecy led to the 2014 surprises.

The only way to see inside the VA is to expose the trails. To see where medicine went expose the medicine trails. To see where documents went expose the document trails. To see where money went expose the money trails. The trails are the empirical evidence.

I believe it is fair to say that those who don't want to expose the trails don't want to expose the VA. If you do not totally accept that trails should be exposed before fair judgments can be made and that trails trump everything, please stop here.

The only way a veteran can protect herself against misunderstandings with the VA is to leave a paper trail. Otherwise the VA's word will automatically be taken against the veteran's word. If the the veteran is not allowed to leave a paper trail, such as the VA insisting on verbal communications [telephone], or refusing to respond to a veteran's email, the veteran has no protection against misunderstandings.

The VA email system is beautiful. It creates a trustworthy paper trail and accountability. Director Gardner basically disallows email communication with veterans and cites security.

Unless the trails are exposed, who would begin to believe the connection between the VA in Arizona and the Fairfax County Court in Virginia? Who would believe the patterns to disempower me?

VA history - http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/23/politics/va-scandals-timeline
VA now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T737G8zGPac&feature=youtu.be


Secretary John Kerry on corruption - facebook.com/usdos/videos/10153318663036074/
   Chancellor Angela Merkel - "The most important currency has been lost and that is trust."
VA history - http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/23/politics/va-scandals-timeline
CNN's Drew Griffin - http://youtu.be/7DpKtjk3r1k

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